Those Days

We all have those days. The days when everybody seems grumpy. You feel mentally off-center. The days that you just can’t get started correctly. When you have those days, and like I said, we’ll do, your outlook and output depend more on one person than anything else. You.

Having a bad day is one thing, forcing it on everyone around you is quite another. So, what do you do on days like this? Good question and the fact that you could ask a question like that means there is good hope for you to turn this around.

On days like this, you feel everyone else is picking on you. This is the time to give everyone else a break. Smile and thank those you think are on your case. Act like they are just people trying to help you hone your professional standards. Be kind to them and smile a lot. Smiling actually makes everybody wonder what you’re doing.

A couple things that happen when you start doing good for others. It helps to make you feel better, and I believe some endorphins get released to help with this. The other thing which happens, and this is even better, is that slowly the others will change and start to feel better because you’re saying good things to them and about them. You can actually turn your rough day into a better day for everyone, including yourself. Just keep smiling. Tell others good things, and let them wonder what you’re mischievous mind is working on.

Before you know it, the day is over, and we are on to tomorrow. Tomorrow somebody else can take the burden of being out of sorts. You should just get a good night’s rest and look forward to a better workday in the morning.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Tough Days

As easy as we try to make our work look, sometimes for reasons outside of our control, the simplest of tasks end up becoming a real strain. Maybe we are dehydrated, which leads to a headache. Perhaps the abilities of thought and reason figured it was a good day to go surfing and left you stuck back at work with the daily grind. For whatever the reason, please remember that this happens to everyone. Even mean old master sergeants.

Here are a few ideas that I hope will keep you moving when these days hit. Remember it’s not just you, it’s just your day to go through this. Even at our worst, there are a few things we can do to make the situation better.  And, with a little perseverance, we can possibly do well enough to work ourselves out of the hole we are stuck in.  I know, I have been there.

Work from the inside out. Physically and mentally first. If you are not physically okay, it will just drag the rest of you down. The same is true for your mental condition. Take a quick stock of yourself and your needs.

Stay hydrated because lack of fluids will just make everything worse. Don’t overflow your system, just drink what you need. Lack of fluids will not only drain your energy level; it will also give you a headache and make it hard to think.

Make sure you have eaten something for energy. We are not talking a four-course meal here, just something was some protein and carbs to give you a little fuel to run on. Please remember, if adverse conditions persist, be sure to talk to medical professionals as soon as possible.

Often, we have problems because of something that is bothering us. And, things are always worse when you try to keep them bottled up and don’t share your worries with someone. We used to be able to talk to others more frequently. Now, we are more and more stuck in our own little worlds. Quite often, just talking with someone you trust can take what feels like Mount Everest and reduce it to the size of a molehill. And your friend may have a good idea or two.

Even if you’re not your best, work at doing what you think is right. Make sure you request and receive input from others who have critical roles in what you are working on. You don’t have to tell them that your brain is trying to be elsewhere enjoying surf and sand. Just let them know that you wanted to make sure your work reflected a team effort. Others appreciate being included in the efforts of the team.

If this turns out to be more than just an occasional thing, consulting with a professional is usually the best course of action. And if all else fails, maybe that day at the beach in the surf and sand was what was really needed.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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