This is the week we celebrate a country that was founded on including everyone.  From the time of the Mayflower, the first ship from England reached our shores, the overall idea was to work together and share in the rewards together.  This was part of the Mayflower compact.

Over time the greed of men takes over.  We forget that we had altruistic beliefs that would allow everyone to work and share in the rewards.  Although some looked to raise the common good and help all to be better, others lost their way in using other people and our vast resources to make a fortune that would not be equally shared amongst all who toiled. 

At this point, seeking revenge for sins of the misguided and ruthless individuals who have gone before does little more than fan the flames of hate.  We must step forward, hand-in-hand, and multiply our talents working together, for the good of and reward to all. For we who live now hold it within our hands and our minds to do the right things.

Easy? No. Attainable? Only if we work at it together. A top-down directive? I don’t see that working. A grassroots initiative for peace and prosperity? I think it’s the only chance we have. Am I talking about over-throwing the current system? Absolutely not. What we need to do is work within the system to make it better. At the same time, we work with those on our blocks, our neighborhood, and in our city, to curb violence and find ways to work together towards the common good.

Instead of looking to the past, we need to look to the youth of today. The young people we teach and groom today are our leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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