Prep Day

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I realize that some who read my blog do not, so I am going to talk about holidays and preparing the day before. Getting ready ahead of time is something anyone can do for any holiday.

Where I live we like to watch ballgames, go to movies, have friends and family over and sometimes watch parades. We also enjoy having a lot of food, and maybe even a barbecue or a cookout. This means that while we are trying to enjoy everything there could be a lot of work. This is why I recommend a prep day.

Take a day or two before the event, and preset up everything you’ll need. Maybe you need to set up chairs or lawn furniture. Possibly you need to rearrange the living room to fit all your guests that are going to come. And any food items that can be prepared ahead of time and cooked the morning of the festivities could also save you both time and mess in the kitchen.

Often times holidays bring stress and tension. This usually happens because we’re rushing to make everything perfect, instead of relaxing and taking time to enjoy our friends and family. The real trick is to get things done ahead of time. So you have the time to be with those you love.

There is one more wonderful thing that many people do not do, which could greatly help. Sometimes when we get busy doing tasks with guests over, they feel stressed because they think they should get up and help in some way. Often the best thing you can do is ask people if they would like to help you by doing one small chore or another. Many people appreciate the ability to be of help to friends or a member of the family.

Also, it helps when we look at this time, not as a contest of striving for perfection. We should look at this is the time to relax and enjoy all those around us. If we do this, and if we relax our selves, our friends, guests, and family will also relax, and everyone will get to enjoy the day.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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