Ever have one of those weeks?  The kind where you plan well and start-off great, and then for some unknown reason, you end up missing just about every scheduled meeting.  The day where the plans you made to conquer the world falls apart like a magical misadventure as soon as your feet hit the floor? What are you going to do?

I see it as two choices.  Choice one, you go back home, get back into bed, and pray that tomorrow will be better and the curse on your plans lifted.  Or, you can do something else.

Stop believing in voodoo and get ahold of yourself.  When plan A fails to work, go to plan B.  If plan B does not work, try plans C or D.  You do make and keep contingency plans, don’t you? We have talked about this before.  Please don’t tell me you went back to bed those days.

OK, one more time.  There is an aura in the world that has one main job.  Its goal is to thwart any plan that gets put into motion.  The military has battled this nemesis for thousands of years.  The only way they have found around it is to have the contingency plans ready and practiced.

As a warrior in the not so peaceful world of growing your business, you need to follow the same planning strategies and have your contingency plans ready. If you have a line of people two blocks long each morning, waving $100 bills and chanting your name, that is great.  It would be best if you still had a plan for the day those people do not show up at your door.  What are you going to do then?

Planning helps you to think of all the what-ifs.  If you are used to thinking of the what-ifs, you are more on your toes and ready to react with steady movements rather than drastic over-corrections. Your life and your business have an excellent chance to move forward, no matter what that aura called life throws at you.

Please don’t take my word for this, test it out for yourself.  You may discover things that will fortify your earnings and maybe even make them stronger.  Like everything, do this in proportion.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.