Planning is great. There is a catch to it, though. Do not spend so much time organizing that you do not have time to do the things that you intended to do. McClellan was a great general for the Union forces during the Civil War in America. He was a thorough planner, yet he never was able to pin down exactly when to fight. Not planning the time was his downfall, and he lost his command.

We do not worry about the campaigns of war so much today. We worry about commerce. And we worry about our businesses and successfully growing them. We need time to plan. And we need time to do it. One without the other is futile to accomplish.

I usually try to avoid telling others what to do. However, work at having the time to plan and a time to accomplish. I feel things will work out better for you and your business if you try to work that way.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


Ever have one of those weeks?  The kind where you plan well and start-off great, and then for some unknown reason, you end up missing just about every scheduled meeting.  The day where the plans you made to conquer the world falls apart like a magical misadventure as soon as your feet hit the floor? What are you going to do?

I see it as two choices.  Choice one, you go back home, get back into bed, and pray that tomorrow will be better and the curse on your plans lifted.  Or, you can do something else.

Stop believing in voodoo and get ahold of yourself.  When plan A fails to work, go to plan B.  If plan B does not work, try plans C or D.  You do make and keep contingency plans, don’t you? We have talked about this before.  Please don’t tell me you went back to bed those days.

OK, one more time.  There is an aura in the world that has one main job.  Its goal is to thwart any plan that gets put into motion.  The military has battled this nemesis for thousands of years.  The only way they have found around it is to have the contingency plans ready and practiced.

As a warrior in the not so peaceful world of growing your business, you need to follow the same planning strategies and have your contingency plans ready. If you have a line of people two blocks long each morning, waving $100 bills and chanting your name, that is great.  It would be best if you still had a plan for the day those people do not show up at your door.  What are you going to do then?

Planning helps you to think of all the what-ifs.  If you are used to thinking of the what-ifs, you are more on your toes and ready to react with steady movements rather than drastic over-corrections. Your life and your business have an excellent chance to move forward, no matter what that aura called life throws at you.

Please don’t take my word for this, test it out for yourself.  You may discover things that will fortify your earnings and maybe even make them stronger.  Like everything, do this in proportion.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

Weighing Your Objectives

Because we can do those tasks, we set our mind to accomplish, we sometimes think we can do everything we want.  In reality, we cannot do everything all the time.  We are limited by our own lack of endurance, need for rest, lack of financing, and the overwhelming offerings that our universe puts in front of us to enjoy.

Once we realize we can only do so much, we need to make decisions.   The critical first step is to know what is most important to us. Those are the things that we work for first.  And those are also the things we will work on the most.

We do not abandon everything else we wish to do, we plan them out as a set of objectives.  There are many ways to do this.  Some people will set up a quarterly schedule where they Tackle a new project over a 13-week timeline.  Some will use monthly planning, and for other projects, an annual forecast will be used.  Sometimes a project is so big, a 5 or 10-year plan is needed.

There is a problem that can creep up on us.  We can forget what we wanted to do.  That is why having a journal is so important.  When you get good ideas, write them down in a journal and that way you can have a place to go and look at when you are thinking of what projects you want to plan next.

Is all this easier?  Well, it is easier than a lot of people think.  And, the time spent writing things down up-front is only a fraction of what it would take to retrace your steps and find out what you were thinking six or eight months ago.

I know that everybody has their own nuances to scheduling and completing tasks.  I am just offering a suggestion to help you in doing that little extra through a bit of organization. Try a little, and see if it might work for you.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Thanks Wind!

Thank goodness for the wind. If the wind might not have blown all night long last night, I may have fallen asleep or something. You know, we are lucky to have things like wind. Wind seems to happen when air under higher pressure moves to an area of lower pressure. Along the way, it can shake windows and turn your front door into a harmonica.  The wind can give you a fantastic opportunity to play hide and seek with empty trash cans or lawn furniture.

I live at the end of a short two block street. Two streets make a perfect T right in front of my house. And this serves a vital job for the rest of the community. Whether it’s leaves from our forest of trees, trash from those who have already lost their trashcan lids, or anything else from old cigarette packs to someone’s homework, everything seems to find its way to my lawn and into my carport. Thanks, prevailing winds!

Over the 25+ years that I have lived here, I have considered many options to deal with the presents that the wind brings me. I had thought of a high chain link fence. Unfortunately, our winds blow strong enough that things can move over the top of the fence and then would be held inside my yard, growing from knee to hip deep. I also imagined with a chain-link fence that debris that could not get over the fence would be lodged into the chain-link and make it look as though the house had been buried in trash. I did consider this along with a fence sign that would read ‘Modern Art Exhibit.’

I also considered doing a little accounting. I would charge a penny for each leaf and three cents for each piece of debris. I would keep a running tally, and then once a year, I would divide all those pennies I had added up by the number of houses on the two blocks of my street and go around to collect payment for my services of cleaning up and disposing of everything. I hear trash companies make a real profit at this.

Well, none of my grand schemes ever really went to fruition. I just look at the gathering refuse as an excellent excuse to get out and enjoy some exercise and fresh air. And, I have a bonus of being able to play with my leaf blower. The kid in me thinks that’s a really neat deal.

Maybe the wind’s looking out for me after all.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.