And in Your Corner…

Who do you have in your corner?  Do you have a friend who will have your back?  Mom or dad?  Other family relatives? Maybe you have some people who stick up for you, and perhaps those backers are hard to find. Yet there is someone who you really need in your corner.  You.

It is surprising how many of us find it hard to back ourselves.  We make excuses for why we cannot possibly attain what we want in life.  Sometimes we even end up sabotaging our own work before we can obtain our desired goal.  We are not always our own worst enemy, yet often we could be a close second.

There are people in the world who like what we are doing and are supportive, even if they do not say so.  There are people in this world who may hate what we are doing, and although they might say so, they may not.  And some people do not care one way or the other.  These folks are called the silent majority.  You need to be in favor of what your passions are, or you need to find better desires.

Just as anything starts from a spark, whether it is the campfire or a worldwide movement, your ideas and dreams are the same.  You are the spark that needs to light your dreams and turn them into reality.  The neat thing is that you can attain just about anything that you set your sights on.  All you have to do is work at it and not give up.

If you give up on your dreams, finding that they became too hard to follow, those may not have been your true passions.  Passions may often be hard work, yet to the person who owns them, it never really feels like hard work, it only feels like the next item to do on your way to your goal.  Take your own inventory of where you are and where you are going.  If it is right, you will know it.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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