Different Ways

One of the things that we do as a human is to find how we prefer to do things. We continue to do those particular tasks over and over again the same way. Hence the phrase, ‘set in one’s ways.’

Problems sometimes arise because once we get set in our ways, it is hard to change them. This causes us to accomplish the same tasks over and over again, our own certain way, while our community and the rest of the world continues to change around us. The longer we do something a certain way, the harder it is for us to change our actions. To this end, I would like to make a suggestion.

Every so often, you should do something different. Take a different route to go to the store. Go to a different movie theater just to see if you might like it better. Go to a different park, try different breakfast cereals, watch a different TV show.

If you’re stuck in one pattern all the time, you may be missing some of the beautiful things going on around you. I was used to often moving during my military career. I was amazed when I settled down and fell into my own routine. Because of that routine, there were areas in my town where I did not frequently go to.

One time when my kids came back, they wanted to see how the town had changed, so we took a drive. I was amazed just how much some areas had grown, and how much I had lost touch with some areas of the town that was my home. I privately felt embarrassed and vowed to do a better job of keeping up on the positive changes happening in my own community.

 We all change as we grow, even as we grow older.  We do not have to grow set in our ways, nor are we required to slow down, become forgetful, or lose our vitality.  Yet, the only person who can control how we change and how well we work is generally the person in the mirror.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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