Being able to say no is a key talent to have. The better someone is, the more the rest of the world will want to lean on that person and have them do the work. It turns out this work is often free or pro bono. We all like to help, myself included, and yet there is a time when we have to be accountable to ourselves for where we are in life and what we have to earn to sustain ourselves and our families.

Having to tell someone no often hurts me more than the person who asked in the first place. I do like to help people. I am always open to a new venture. And I want to get out and work with people. I have learned that finding myself into so many things and so far over my head with different work, it was hard to see the light of day. Saying no and finding a way to make the other person feel good about it was very hard for me to do. Today, if I can help someone and still accomplish my goals, I will do so. Yet, there is a hierarchy I need to remember of who I have to take care of first before I have the luxury of reaching out and helping others.

Have you ever found yourself with too much work to accomplish because you’re helping others? How do you handle it?

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