You Be The Change

I was once the manager of a shop that repaired and installed equipment for tracking and processing satellite data. I had five supervisors and 25 people working for me. Although the shop ran well, people would always come up with ideas for change. Although everyone approached, especially the supervisors, with a demand.

They wanted to see a change enacted, yet, did not want me to assign them the task to make the change happen. The suggesters felt that I might just assign them the work to make the change happen as a punishment for suggesting it in the first place. They were young and did not understand the importance of having control of the change.

If you are offered the ability and the authority to make a change happen which you want to have made, not only is it more likely to happen, you get to control it to see that it’s done right. If you do it well, everyone notices. Getting something positive done correctly brings you to the attention of those in charge. When the people in command see the good things you can do, more golden opportunities are offered to you, and you have an excellent chance to move up within the organization.

Consider the fact that if you take a new idea and give it to somebody who does not believe in the change, it will not go very far. If you have put in the research and consideration to at least suggest a good idea, why should you not have the excitement of making it happen? The thrill of creating something new and the glory for it happening correctly should be yours.

Imagine working somewhere where if you make a suggestion, it is immediately taken away from you. When you ask about your proposal, later on, you’re told that the hierarchy is going to do something, and you should just be quiet and support the staff and new ways when their version comes out. That would not be very fair at all. You saw what needed to be done and did the work to bring it forward. And someone else receives the triumph.

Think about it.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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