Your Part

We all have responsibility for ourselves. We can help, guide, and teach others. Yet, what they do will all the assistance we give them is up to them. We cannot live their lives for them. At the end of the day, they must go forward and put in the work needed to get where they want to be.

For my part, I strive to give knowledge, faith in oneself, and hints and tricks that may be helpful. I help my clients leave disabling false fears behind, map a path forward they want, and understand what it takes to complete. It is important to help them find the paths to explore, the knowledge to compete, and the belief that they can meet their goal.

At the same time, I must not inhibit their freedom to do this independently. Clients must be in charge of their own destiny. I only help by providing and training people on the tools to help them.

What are you striving to obtain?

Are You Getting There

Ever wonder why some folks get ahead and others do not? They have learned one simple rule. Believe in yourself and do your work. Also, they have figured out they must do their job and not someone else’s.  This sounds like lip service, and yet it is the basis of a great truth.

If you cannot believe in yourself, who will? You probably know yourself better than anyone else would. You are the one who can honestly stand up for yourself and make your case. Only you know your true intentions, and it’s up to you to forgive yourself when you don’t hit the mark. Kindness is a beautiful asset, and if you’re going to be kind, start with yourself.

There are plenty of people out there who will not give you the benefit of the doubt. Some people will be cantankerous and downright mean about things.  And some others will be very kind and understanding. Your question for today is, how are you going to handle the person in the mirror.

You should make that person in the mirror accountable and expect the best from them. You should also understand that not every well-meaning adventure goes as smoothly as it should. Quite often, we have to remember that no good deed ever goes unpunished. You can expect from anyone only their best. Why would you ask more of yourself?

Do your best. Give yourself a break when needed. And remember, there is always tomorrow.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Your Time Is Now

We have talked this week about building your business.  We likened your work to that of a farmer.  Mainly because entrepreneurs and farmers have the same types of concerns. Both need to work hard and make excellent products. It feels as though the work is never done because it is definitely not a nine to five Monday through Friday job.

Nobody can do the work for us. Each of us holds the responsibility for making our dreams work. No matter how you might try to outsource your desires, the same thing will almost always happen.  You end up with the ideas of those you hired and not your own.  If you are going to make your mark in this life, you must be the one to reach out and do so.

Hard work?  Yes.  Is the work beyond your scope? No.  You may have to learn, talk with others, gather ideas, make plans, remake plans a time or two when they don’t work.  Use elbow grease and midnight oil more than you might wish, and many other things.  In the end, we learn that we are far more resilient and able than we ever gave ourselves credit for having.

I don’t want to just leave you today with the idea that you can do this.  Your entire effort is so much more than that.  You are the only one who’s destiny is to make your dreams become realities.

Believe in yourself.  Find the good in your plans and ideas. And do not let anyone talk you out of or giving into abandoning your ideas.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Good Deeds

You need to figure out who you are and what you are about in life. When people first see you and talk to you for a few minutes, can others tell what your mission is? Without you saying anything, can they tell what you work to accomplish and how those accomplishments make a positive difference in the world?

If you are dedicated to your cause and use that position to make life better for others, those who meet you will probably be able to detect the desire within you. Having the drive to do good for others does not require an abandonment of your work to also do good for yourself. When done right, one good deed assists other positive actions. When people seek and work for positive effects, they also quite often find positive responses seeking them as well.

Does this mean you’ll end up rich and wealthy and famous? Maybe not, and I don’t believe most of the people who reach out to do good are solely working for personal gain. This also, though, does not mean you live the life of ashes and sackcloth. We each find our own particular point of comfort in life. Attaining that point does not mean you stop, it signifies you have discovered your platform upon which you can live in go forth to do good for others.

Everyone has a gift. Everyone has something someone else needs. And everyone needs something that someone else has. This week we explore the questions of what we may have that others yearn for? And, what others may have that we need?

For today I would like you to think of what someone has shared with you in the past that made you feel better. Also, think about the things that you have shared that have caused others around you to feel better. We all have a tendency to consider tangibles, a baking dish, a ladder, and a newspaper or a car ride.  Even though sharing these items is nice, sometimes our best gifts are intangibles. Think of a smile to a stranger, time spent with someone who is lonely. Discussions over books or movies, a prayer or good thoughts for the person going through a crisis are always positive and often the most needed help.

Not everything that helps is tangible, and many things that do the most good are intangibles. We all do them and sometimes without even a thought. Think of the things that you have done for others and the things that others have done for you.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Take Charge

Taking charge of your life is essential. The fact is if you don’t take charge of your life many others will try to co-opt you for their purposes. And they will use almost anything to do this.

The question used to be ‘do you work to live, or do you live to work?’ I would like to rephrase the thought just a little bit. Are we working to fulfill our dreams, or someone else’s?

We all need to live. And to exist in our economy, we must work. Even those with money must work not to lose it. And although we would all like to work for ourselves, it is not always realistic or feasible. Remember, no one comes up with an idea and automatically starts at the top of the heap. A great friend reminded me yesterday that the only people who start at the top are ditch diggers.

The best of ideas still requires support and funding. Many of the Impressionist painters whose works are worth tens of millions of dollars each today, had to have paying jobs working elsewhere so that they could live while they were painting them. Van Gogh whose works sell for hundreds of millions today, only sold one painting while he was alive for I believe about 150 francs.

If you have a good idea and are building a business, figure you’re income chart is going to be flying near the surface for 2 to 3 years and then you’ll see that curves start to accelerate up. And to make that climb happen there many parts of the business you will be feverishly working for those years until the success starts to pour in.

Remember it’s your business, and I am willing to bet you love the idea, or else you would not be working at selling your goods. Remember though, there is no vacation, no time off, no sick days and if any of these occur, the business work does not get accomplished. Because when you start, you are usually a one-person shop, mainly because you haven’t earned enough money yet to hire help. I am not telling you this to cause you apprehension, just to prepare you.

If you don’t give up and don’t give out, and if you have an idea that resonates with the public and can get the people to come and look at your venture, in time you just might make it. You need to keep your faith in yourself and your product and work harder than you’ve worked for anyone else. And there’s one more ingredient. Luck plays a part in all of this. I call it serendipity.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.



You Are A Good Person

Before we go off for the weekend, the mean old Master Sergeant only has one question for you, “Are you a good person?” And of course, when a mean old Master Sergeant looks you in the eye and asks that question, there is only one answer that is acceptable. “Yes Sergeant.”

It is the only acceptable answer because it’s the only correct answer. How do I know? I spent years teaching people and helping people with resumes. When I first started, I had people who were feeling dejected and not worthy of a new job. They felt sad and beat up. I even thought I heard a snore or two from the back of the room. There is only one way to pull someone back from that state. You have to remind them of what their fundamental being is.  And, all things being equal, people are good.

How do I do that? This is how. If you doubt your answer, the correct one is, “Yes Sergeant.”

  • Sergeant: Are you a good person?
  • Answer: “Yes Sergeant.”
  • Sergeant: I cannot hear you are you good people?
  • Answer: “Yes Sergeant. (Louder)”

Now I hope you see how this goes.  I will put in the Master Sergeant part, and you know how to answer.

  • If they give you a job will you work hard at it?
  • Will you give them your best?
  • You are good people, aren’t you?
  • OK tell employers on your resume?

If you ever start to doubt yourself, stand in front of the mirror and ask and answer these questions.  If you have something to add, do so, and keep the question and answer positive to you.  If you share added questions with us in the comments, then others can benefit from your additions.  Then, you are even a better person.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.


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