Are You Getting There

Ever wonder why some folks get ahead and others do not? They have learned one simple rule. Believe in yourself and do your work. Also, they have figured out they must do their job and not someone else’s.  This sounds like lip service, and yet it is the basis of a great truth.

If you cannot believe in yourself, who will? You probably know yourself better than anyone else would. You are the one who can honestly stand up for yourself and make your case. Only you know your true intentions, and it’s up to you to forgive yourself when you don’t hit the mark. Kindness is a beautiful asset, and if you’re going to be kind, start with yourself.

There are plenty of people out there who will not give you the benefit of the doubt. Some people will be cantankerous and downright mean about things.  And some others will be very kind and understanding. Your question for today is, how are you going to handle the person in the mirror.

You should make that person in the mirror accountable and expect the best from them. You should also understand that not every well-meaning adventure goes as smoothly as it should. Quite often, we have to remember that no good deed ever goes unpunished. You can expect from anyone only their best. Why would you ask more of yourself?

Do your best. Give yourself a break when needed. And remember, there is always tomorrow.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Whatever You Do in Life, Own It

We often make excuses for why we have not done something. Rather than owning a policy, we blame the company. Rather than having our office or home the way we want it, we point to all the things we have to do and say there is not enough time. We’ll get to it as soon as the game is done, the show is over, or the weather gets better. We need to own what we do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a student in school, domestic engineer, or work for a company, or yourself, whatever you do you own. This is true whether you want to possess it or not. Whatever you have and whatever you do reflects directly back to you. Everything from the aesthetics to the dots on the I’s and crosses on the T’s belong to you. Own it.

It is easy to blame others and point fingers. The problem is you cannot correct others unless they really want to be changed. The only person you can directly affect is yourself. So, is there an avenue for a change? Yes, you can own it.

It is pretty straightforward to make changes for the better. Understand what you can change, what is beyond your control to change and how you can best go about changing a particular problem. Most changes start with a smile on the face. Smiles don’t cost anything, and quite often they make people wonder what you’re up to. Attitude frequently does more to raise everyone’s spirits than anything else you can think to do.

The next thing is to be genuine and to care. If you really don’t care, why are you there? Were you standing there waiting for a bus and everything popped up around you? Did you need money and end up in a job found to be insufferable? Did you chase a dream that turned into a nightmare? Only you know the answers. And only you can make it better.

Before you tell me I’m right and head off to HR to quit the job, I have to give you a warning. Moving jobs is trying to change something from the outside and rarely works. If you move to a different position, you may end up in the same rut a year or two from now. To actually fix the problem you need to work from the inside out. From the inside of yourself, your thoughts and ideas, out to the office, the home, the customers, or whatever else you see that can be done better.

I believe you will find that working from the inside out has a more significant impact and is easier than you think.   Just own it.

Thanks for being with me today I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


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