Taking Care

When you look at a superior business that draws in good revenue and repeat business, it is not the fancy machines. In the long run, the volume is only slightly controlled by advertising.  The companies that do exceptionally well year in and year out are the ones with dedicated employees who are happy and pleased to be working with their clientele. 

These employees are a cut above.  Employees that are always willing to help, always cheerful, and always putting the need of the client first.  These are the employees that you can put your faith in and trust.

Any worker can be an exemplary employee.  Each employee reacts to how they are treated and how they are groomed for their position. The staff does not show up and get hit over the head with a magic wand to become outstanding.  They are trained and cared for by management that knows the worker will approach clients with the same care and attention that he or she was is given within the company.

I have not invented the idea of taking care of your staff so that the team can take care of the employees.  It is a business model you can see in action throughout many sectors. I am just asking leaders to take a look at the idea and see if it is something that could help your bottom line.  How would you use monies saved by a lower turnover cost?   How much would customer retention recover for you in advertising costs, and how stable could your business really become?

Just a few thoughts.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


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