Thank You

Thank you to everyone who joined last week’s free Critical Thinking lessons in Finding Employment on LinkedIn.

Thanks to you, the fact that you were there and the comments you gave me are a vast help in my quest to build meaningful training packages.

I am now building video training packages to help anyone who is looking for a job.

If you are interested, please send me a comment. And if you have something specific you were trying to learn, please tell me about it. I may have something which might help you.

The important thing for you is not to give up. If you need to know something, knowledge is all around you. If you need to change what do you do or how you do it, I understand. As our world changes, so do we all, and I may have something that could help.

Thanks again,


Thank You Moms

I am incredibly fortunate. I have been able to do and share a lot in my life, and I realize it’s not all because of me. We all have mothers, mothers in law, and grandmothers who have helped us to get to where we are today. I am tremendously thankful to have had these ladies and their guidance in my life.

I also realize that being thankful doesn’t just stop with them, for they had guidance from their parents and grandparents.

We do not live in a vacuum; vacuums do not exist on earth. We are touched and guided by all those around us and those who care for us. I know that the things I can do today and the things I can plan and do in the future are all things that my wife and these extraordinary women have helped me accomplish.

I know this comes a few days early, yet with all that’s going on, I wanted to make sure this Mother’s Day did not pass without me thanking those who have sacrificed to give me so much. I genuinely understand and sincerely thank them for their knowledge, wisdom, and ideals which they have Helped to grow within me.

Thank You Very Much!

Free Mapping Your Future Book

For all those who follow me on WordPress and other Social media, I thank you.  You have seen where I have come from and where I am going.  Having your company on this journey to the future is something I really cherish.  If you are looking for something I could help you with, please let me know.

Thank you for being so understanding while waiting for the book I promised.  Here is the free book and the workbook I promised you on Mapping Your Future:

Mapping Your Future 101518   and  Mapping Your Future Free Workbook 101518.

Please remember there are no strings attached to these.  I am not even asking for your email address.  If you have questions, you can contact me through the comment section on my WordPress, or through Facebook or Messenger. The books also list other ways to contact me.

How will you know when I have new items out?  You will see them on my blog and other places.  I am not going to talk about them exclusively on the blog, and I promise my offerings will not dominate the blog ideas I write on.

Thank You for being with me today.  Please enjoy the book and workbook, and I hope to be with you again Tomorrow.



Thank you so much for being with me again today.

I started today off with two of the three most important words in the English language. I started off with ‘Thank you.’ These two words along with ‘Please’ make up the three most important words. We teach our kids that they are magic words. They are words which make us want to act and feel good when we have.

These three words are free, and they make both the sender and the receiver feel better. Do you feel better when helping someone who says please, or when they just ask for something and don’t say please? Chances are, please puts the request on a higher plane of being accomplished.

I have seen emails where supervisors and managers are reminded not to say thank you too much to the employees. I cannot understand any reason for that request. Hearing a ‘Thank you’ means a lot to anyone it is directed at. And in the case of employees, we have to remember that they are usually the only people in a company who actually do value added to any products sold to a customer. These people deserve a thank you from everyone in the company, top down.

So, when you are out and around about, please remember your please and thank yous’. The words actually are magic, because they make both the sender and the receiver feel better.

Thank you for joining me today. Please join me again tomorrow.


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