Safely Beating Blockades

I have had a tough couple of weeks.  Between working on health issues, and unbelievable snow, wind, and cold. I have not been able to work at my usual routine.  It gives me grievance with myself.

I have an entire office in my house, which is a backup for my office downtown. Yet, because I pay for my downtown office, I prefer to work there.  I can focus better on what I do and how I do it downtown.  I feel I get more done downtown.

Although COVID prevents me from most of the comradery that usually happens in an office setting, I believe there is an excellent synergy with the office complex.  That synergy and a hint or two from a neighbor office holder are often lifesavers of the day.

Being in this torn predicament of where I am and where I think I should be is frustrating, at the same time. Because I am going through this, I am now more aware of what others feel and the angst they face as they try to move forward.

What has COVID blocked in your professional life, and what ways have you been able to develop in getting around the blockades put in your path?  If you have not shared them, please use this forum to let others know your successes and shortfalls.  By sharing, everyone can benefit, and maybe we can forge a path forward.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you tomorrow.

Two Things to Think About

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, here is a piece from October of 2015.  I have cleaned it up a little, the sentiment is the same.

You are capable of great things.  And, if you don’t try, you will never know.  Why don’t we spend more time believing in ourselves and what we want to do?  This failure in self-faith is often a conditioned response.  It reminds me of a Christmas movie where everyone told a young child he could not have a B-B gun because he would shoot his eye out.  Where these people being mean, or trying to keep the child from fulfilling his dreams?  No! Those advising him were trying to protect him from misguided tragedy.

How many of us have held off on dreams or not gone on to fulfill our destinies because of the misguiding of well-meaning friends, family, or other sources?  Does this mean they were not concerned about you?  Did they speak out of spite or jealousy? Is there really no danger involved? The answer to all is no. 

Anything worth doing will have a risk involved. To keep us from getting hurt, others who are concerned for us, and even our own thoughts, will point out problems and roadblocks that could be there along the way to our success with the project. The trick is to believe in yourself and your goals enough that you can overcome the warnings of everyone else and to overcome your own fears.

 If you have that much determination, then you are on the right road to solving those problems, removing those roadblocks and actually bringing something new into being in our world. Just remember, nothing is possible until it is done and then everybody wants to do it.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.