Just Lucky, I Guess

I am lucky to live in a century where meeting the rest of the world is more accessible. Because of this, I am not restricted to a city, state, or country in running my business. And the neat part is neither are you.

We can meet on the internet and share or sell our goods with others in almost every part of the world. I believe that we can find a deeper understanding of who is out there and who we are in this age. It is almost like being an exchange student without leaving home.

I personally love meeting new people and sharing the fun of life with them. It is this interaction with others that gives life a special meaning. I also like to share what I am up to.

If you would ever like to share the good times, give me a shout. Mikeb@reveillerocks.me.

Relax and Enjoy

You may soon be celebrating holidays with friends and family. It is easy to go overboard with scrubbing, cleaning, cooking, and planning food for an invading army rather than the 10 or so guests you are actually having over. There are better ways to do this, though.

The first and most significant thing you want to do is to relax. This is holiday time. It is not a contest of you against everyone else.  You have nothing to prove. Friends and family accept you as you. And, this is a time for happy banter, not judgment nor pretending. 

Do everything you feel is needed in advance, so you have more time and fewer hassles when others are with you. Try to relax and have fun. I know this is hard, I am one of those who worry about everything and everyone. I have found that I was only making things harder on myself and everyone around me.

Life is more comfortable when you do not hold on so tight that everyone has a hard time breathing.  And no one needs to be the center focal point at all times.  Share the laughter, and share some of the work.  People feel better when they are included in making good things happen. If everyone at the end of the day is laying back and chilling, then it was a great day indeed.

Try not to push, and do not pull too much. Things work better when you let a natural current or flow move actions along.   You will find it just works well for everyone.

One other item to consider is to limit depressants such as alcohol. I am not saying a drink is a terrible idea. I am just suggesting that having a drink or maybe two should not turn into one of the most significant drinking nights of the year. I have never seen this scenario work out well during the night nor the next morning.

The idea is to have people over, have a good time, and have everyone leave safe and get home in good stead.  The biggest compliment will be the number of returning guests for the next holiday.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Have You Found Your Passion

In our lives, we do a lot of things. Some things we do because we have to whether we like them or not. Some things we do because we are expected to do them. These things are just part of our culture, and although we do them, sometimes we don’t even know or understand what they are really about. We do things to make others happy, we do things to be social, and we do things to keep the trash from piling up either in the house or the driveway.

What do you do because it’s your passion? In other words, what you do just for the joy of doing it? Some people like to go out sailing, I have a friend who enjoys sailing a 44-foot sailboat in the ocean. I know other people who love to sail much smaller radio-controlled sailboats in a small pond. They each find joy and happiness in what they are doing.

Some people like to fly radio-controlled model aircraft, and some people want to perform aerial stunts as a member of the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels. Passion is different for different people. Some get a thrill out of climbing mountains, and some enjoy exploring caverns.

No one else can tell you what your passion is or is going to be. This is something within you. I can tell you that it is there, whether you know what it is or it is waiting to be discovered. I just cannot tell you what it is or how that connection takes place. I look at the discovery of an individual’s passion as a serendipity moment. No one can rush it.

If you have not found your passion in life yet, do not worry, it will show itself in time. In the meantime, enjoy life. Get out and explore, trying and learning about many things. Do those things you like and avoid those things you may not like. Learn new things and take care of yourself both physically and mentally. You always want to take care of yourself because you’re the only you that you have.

Don’t worry about the rest, because everything comes in time and the good things can’t be rushed.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


Enjoy Your Life

I learned something new yesterday. Something that I had been told before in many ways and something I know we all often hear. It took a visual look to understand. Just because we grow old does not automatically mean we fall apart.

We don’t keep from falling apart by not being active, not going out, and not doing anything that would stress the body. For that’s the surest way to fall apart and to deteriorate. I realize that what I need to do is stay as active and engaged in life as possible.

I take my cues on this from people that I have seen throughout my life. Some friends, some family, and some actors who were old when I was young. What I have learned is that barring major health concerns, you have the big ability to stay active, stay engaged, and do the majority of whatever you want to do as long as…

We can be ourselves as long as we remain active. You don’t have to take up mountain climbing, or skydiving unless that’s what you do now. You want to stay engaged though, with friends and activities you either want to do or have always wanted to try.

When you fade down into yourself, start using the television more than the front door, and start finding that you can count your friends on one thumb, it’s time to get up and do something.

I am working on talking to old friends, learning new skills, taking care of the house and helping my wife. I write blogs and books, design and publish training courses, and am studying to become a Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) life coach.  I also have to take good care of my body to eat correctly, use the sunblock, and take care of the skin.

I encourage everybody to keep going as long as you can. Laugh a little, and it goes even better. Share something with friends and you both gain from experience. And don’t forget to breathe.

And please don’t forget, have a great day.

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