Do you Trust Yourself

When you start to believe, do you sometimes trust in everyone else first, or do you believe in yourself? I am not saying any of us are perfect. I know that I am not, and I do need the help of many others around me. Yet, when it comes down to believing in someone who has my best interest’s truly at heart? Is it me, or is it someone else?

We should all ask questions, study the answers, and do our best to understand what we hear and see. Part of that understanding is whether the thought shared is right for us.  There is only one person out of over 7 billion on this planet that can tell us the answer.  The person is hard to find. However, if you look in the mirror, then you may find him or her.

You know yourself better than most people.  You are also the only one who must live with whatever you do.  Others can stay or go.  When you are doing well and are on top, everyone is there for a piece of the action. When you fail, your waiting room starts to look like a ghost town.  So, you should always have the final decision.

If you are not sure, start small.  As you get better at choosing a snack or a cup of coffee, Step up your game.  What movie would be best for tonight? Do I want to eat out or stay in and cook a steak?

Trust is like anything else. You need to practice and learn to get good at it.  Your first trust moment should not involve which stock you invest in with the entire family fortune.  Just relax and take trust easy, seeing how it works for you. You can make the right decisions; you only need to get used to the idea.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.