Do Wisely

Where I live, there is freedom of choice.  It puts us in control of ourselves.

We can live, work and do what we want, as long as we do not impose on the freedoms of others. We can share, learn and design the things we wish.

We are responsible for those things we choose and for what we do.

Choose wisely.  Understand what you want and what it will take to get there.  No one will stop you from trying, and no one else is in charge of keeping you on track.

Plan wisely, my friend, and follow through.

What greatness will you plan and accomplish?

A Scouting Lesson

Lessons come in all shapes and sizes. I remember a lesson that happened towards the end of a campout once. We had a campout to teach our younger scouts about camping techniques, and about the games, we were going to be playing at an upcoming Camporee. The older scouts were there to help teach the younger scouts.

It was just an overnight camp out, and towards early morning, the cars, driven by adults, happened to get toilet papered. When this was seen in the morning, the scoutmaster did a little investigating. He spoke with scouts both individually and in groups.

Although nobody would confess, he could tell that the younger scouts really had nothing to do with the prank. He knew from talking to everyone that the older scouts did, although they would not say so. The scoutmaster put a little wisdom into the mix and came up with a great solution that taught a lesson.

Talking only to the younger scouts, he got them to volunteer to remove the paper from the adult’s cars, and as a good scout deed wash the cars for the adults. By the time the vehicles were cleaned, the scoutmaster had pizzas delivered from a favorite pizza parlor. The young scouts who had done their good deeds and hard work were reworded and got to eat the pizza while the older scouts could only be there and watch.

I probably would not have thought about this action as a resolution. Although, I couldn’t think of a much better lesson to teach both good deeds, and also admitting to your own pranks. I guess this is a good thing about having wise scoutmasters.

Just something for you to think about this weekend and maybe sometimes when you have to teach younger people a wise lesson.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.