A Prescription for the Whereisits

Hi, Mike b. here, I am building courses and books. To get you the best information, I study and learn new methods from many different sources. I also work with people as a life coach, helping them get hired. You are right if you think it takes some time to do all this.

I am experiencing an even more significant problem right now. I am suffering from the “Whereisits?”. I have had something like this before, only that was “Wherediditgoes.” I know I am printing things out and making booklets which I can eventually email to people. I just cannot find what I did with them. By the time I tear my office apart looking for them, I have no idea where anything else is.

So I am building a new course, it is how to arrange your office to never lose another thing you need and have already made.

I will send you starting pictures, day-to-day work details, and a course at the end you can get.

In the mean time, please follow along and maybe try a section or two that will help you.

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