When I was young, I would never believe in or develop good habits. The habits I did have back then were probably the bad ones. Yet as I have grown older, and hopefully, a little bit wiser. I now see that habits have some pretty good power behind them.

If you have not read the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, I highly recommend it. The book walks you through how habits work, why they help you, how they help you, and even what to watch out for when using habits. I got my copy on Amazon, although you can find The book in many places.

I have learned that building habits are more accessible than you think. Also, keeping up with them is good. If you learn the methods of adequately using habits in groupings, it makes it easier to do regularly. If you would like to discuss this, write me back, and we can look at setting up a Zoom meeting to consider habits.

In the meantime, I am going to follow one new habit I am trying to master. In the future, I am not planning to spend extra time or hold any of my valued readers back from the use of each one’s valuable time when writing blogs. I am going to pass on what I have for you, and then I am going to leave it at that. Therefore-

Thank you for being with me today. Hope to be with you again soon.

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