A New Year Beckons

Here we are, facing a new year a mere few days away.  Soon new resolutions and vows to do better in the new year will be scampering around and making noises like new puppies to the house.  And that is good.

We do not know which resolutions will stick and which will be just another passing fad.  Could I make a suggestion? If you are going to make choices to change habits for the new year, make those changes so they align with your passions.

The majority of resolutions never make a full year of use.  Mainly, I believe, because the decisions made are not exciting or do not fit the norm of the person making them.  To have a resolution make a positive impact on you and your habits, you need to hold a passion for what you are doing.

Are you losing weight? Or, are you getting in shape for the climb to the top of Pikes Peak next summer (or the sailing trip, horse trail, or whatever else you really want to do?) Are you learning a new language, or are you preparing for that vacation of a lifetime? Are you going back to get a degree or certificate? Or, are you starting a new stage of your life that you have always wanted to try?

When you put your mind to the desired outcome, do you want to succeed? Sure, we all do.  Success comes more natural when we tie it to something we are excited about.  We are less likely to let it slip from our radar, and much more likely to succeed.

 Whatever you choose to change, have fun with it.  And please remember that small continuous steps can lead to significant changes.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.