Thank Goodness

I am so thankful for our weather today. Pure blue sunny skies and temperatures that promise over 36 degrees this afternoon. Beautiful days are not the only thing to be grateful for, I am thankful for much, and as we leave this year, we should take time to think of the things we are grateful for having.

I reminded a coworker today that I am glad that there are Mondays.  He asked me why, and  I explained to him that if there are no  Mondays, there would be no Fridays.  He did get the idea.

Yesterday, I was looking for rugs for my office. I went through a pile of rugs on sale at a local store.  I was looking for something that would fit the decor and still be within a limited budget.  I found a carpet and it did not have a price on it.  I started to walk around the store, seeking a place I could get a price scan.  I finally found one the next floor up.

The scan showed the rug to be over $200. It was too expensive.  I could have left the item at the cash register, except I had brought it up and I felt that I should take it back.  As I turned the corner into the aisle with the rugs, I saw something on the floor.  It was my cell phone.

When I was looking at the different area rugs, it had fallen out of my coat pocket.  I was so glad at that moment I had returned the carpet to where it belonged.  I would never have known where my cellphone was if I had not.

Deeds are what we make of them.  Do your best, and somehow that best will be returned in higher ways that we can hardly imagine.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.