If you don’t have something that you need, you should ask for it. How do others know that you need something if you do not ask for it? You have to get help, asking is not nagging. Just do so with the concerned smile on your face. They don’t need to see you to hear your smile.

People sometimes get so worried about bothering someone else that there are cases where the person has perished, not wishing to be a bother. It does not matter whether you need medicine or a way off the island, or to get out of the ocean because you’re tired of swimming. If you need help, only you can ask for it.

Yes, we all do get wrapped up in what we are doing. And often, we tend to miss the signs of those around us. If you need something or desire something and we cannot see those signs, it is in your best interest to share with us. We are not you. We are everyone else. And sometimes, we get so focused on ourselves, we forget to check on those around us. That is not an excuse. This is a reminder that we are humans. As humans, you have to help us out once in a while and remind us that you may also need assistance.

In times of war, brave men refused to be seen by medics until they know their pal is going to be okay. And sometimes they die doing so. And that is a shame. There absolutely is a greater love than giving your life for your friend. That love is ensuring both of you are taken care of and can go on with the rest of your duties.

Just a thought from the mean old master sergeant.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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