Did They Ask You

Did they ask you what you needed? When we purchase something, it’s because we feel that we need the item. We are purchasing something based on the belief that it will help us in some way. It might make work less stressful and help us remember more, make us feel better, or help us believe we have more power to do something. We will rarely purchase something without reason.

Sometimes we get surveys either about what we purchased or asking about things we want to buy. The reviews usually ask how we plan to use the item, what we expect from the article, and what the use of the purchase will do for us. When asked, you should fill out the survey and be as specific as possible with expectations and planned applications. How else will product developers know what you need and what you desire?

How can you get what you really need and desire in products if you do not tell the right people? An old joke says if you’re delighted with something you’ll tell a few people. If you are unhappy with something, you will tell everybody. We have all purchased products that did not live up to their expectations. When this happens, you have to say something to the right people. Send a letter to those who made and marketed the product and be specific as to what you needed and why their product failed to meet your expectations.

No one wants to feel like an old grouch complaining about things. And, when you tell those who built a project you are not happy with, you are not complaining, you are helping them to make their product better. Creators and marketers with a real desire to do well are excited to hear from you. They will thank you for your input and use it to improve their product. If you don’t talk to them about their product and where it fell short, then your words are really falling on the wrong ears.

As an entrepreneur and a creative spirit, I appreciate when somebody tells me what they are looking for and where I can improve my product for them. I am always asking people for comments, thoughts, and places where they would like to see improvements. My most disappointing times were when I asked the questions, and no one would write or talk to me. In those cases, I felt I was not making contact with others that I should.

Some people like to gripe just for the sake of griping. I look at this is a downward spiral. Yet I really want to talk to those who have a problem that I could do something about, and make better. As I write books, develop items to help make the problem better, or do other work, I like to ask for comments and reports on what is working for my clients and what is not. And I invite anybody with comments that could help to please write and let me know. I believe this is something we should all be doing.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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