The Holidays

I know that for most of us, the annual holiday celebrations are about to kick off in a few days.  This is an annual rite that goes on for close to 2 weeks and ends up with us making resolutions not to do destructive things to ourselves in the future.  In lieu of the poor choices and mayhem, we promise ourselves to concentrate on that which should make us better in the long run. 

Please do not worry; next year’s rituals are safe.  It turns out you will have almost an entire year between the time you make a resolution and the time you may give it up for new festivities. In the meantime, there is ample opportunity to think of those things about yourself that would be good to overhaul.

I am working at being a better person this year by helping others who want to make themselves better people.  I have studied for 3 years and am now a certified Life Coach Practitioner.  This was a lot of work to accomplish, and I plan to put it to good use.

As the new year blossoms and grows, I hope to turn a small one coach office into a thriving Social Enterprise. I will use the money earned to offer pro bono services to those who need and want them, yet cannot afford them. It is my way of giving back through helping others.

I know that as this happens, my 5-day a week blog will probably end up a three day a week publication in the short run.  I hope to return it to a daily blog as soon as possible.  For all those who read my writings, please hang in there.  I will work to keep the blog running as often as I can.

For now, Please remember, you do not need a New Years Day to become a new you.  All you need is a new day.  That is why reveille rocks.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.