Start Out Right

The adage is, ‘If you are going to do something, do it right.’ This goes for everything from making coffee to helping a client.  Do what is required, and if possible, do a little extra to make it even better.  People will notice and appreciate such actions.

Unfortunately, they will also notice if a slip-shot set of actions were used by someone in a hurry. Spills left on the counter, multiple grammatical errors, or poor quality of a product are easily spotted.  The worry others will have is, ‘If this is your best with small things, what are you doing with what is important to me?’

True, you do not want to hold up publication forever because you are afraid of an unseen error.  Use your grammar and plagiarism tools to ensure that you are correct in your writing, and then maybe have a trusted source read the script for proper flow and understanding.  Having two-person integrity on your work should put your mind at rest.

Does all this absolutely guarantee that your work is perfect? Well, No.  How often does an error happen?  Since I have started blogging a few years ago, I see at least one or two mistakes in many of the books I read.  Most are from some of the biggest names in fiction writing.

You should take your time, do your best and review your work.  After that, know you have put forth a valiant effort and send your work out for others to see.  Everyone will make an error on occasion.  As long as the oops is not commonplace or expected as the usual offerings, people will usually be forgiving.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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