They Pay They choose

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When you get hired somewhere, are you joining that company, store, business, or whatever it is? Or, are they joining you?

It sounds like a ‘so-what’ question, yet the answer will predict the odds of getting picked for your desired position.

You face one of the most important decisions you must understand before ever looking for a job. Putting this in the proper perspective, you must remember that you are not the only person applying for the position. You have no power to change management’s needs. If you do not fulfill their requirements, they will leave you in the dust. They are just too busy

When you get hired, you’re joining an organization that already has its ground rules, what works best for them. The equilibrium amongst their workers and management makes the company successful. They will teach you all of this information and then some. You want to remember that you are joining them, and you will work by their rules.

I don’t want this to sound too rough. In my years of teaching people, I have had more than one person show up for a practice interview adorned with a full head of spikes; piercings, nose rings, tongue studs, and other paraphernalia, including earrings to practice an interview for a conservative company.

Most companies will not worry about what you do on your own time. These companies want you in proper dress code when dealing with conservative customers.

What choice does the company have? There will be 252 resumes for each position a company advertises on average. Most people will have looked at the company website, read the company values, and probably the dress code. The majority of the 252 people applying for the job will be hungry and ready to do what it takes to gain that job.

Do you want the job? Play by the company rules.

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