Time to Set an Order to Your Schedule

To save your energy and get the most out of the work you do, it is good to set up an order to your plan.  The first question is, what tasks are time-sensitive and need to be accomplished?  Remember, there are two types of time. What needs to be done by 10 o’clock in the morning, and what should be done at a particular time of day?

Things needed to be accomplished done at a particular time of day rarely change, so, it’s best to figure out where those are and keep them in those general spots. Something needed by nine in the morning may not always need to be done by nine in the morning, and therefore should be added only as needed. If you usually have emergency requests at a particular time of day, leave a spot open, and if no needs come, then you have some extra time to use on something else.

Use your standard daily schedule as an outline. And then add-in any emergency needs or requests for you to help with other items. Also, remember that your full-time job is your full-time job. If you receive outside requests that are important, and you have time, you could handle them if you wanted to do so. Yet, if your time is booked already, your time is scheduled. In that case, the answer would have to be no unless the other person wanted to go to your management and have changes made.  You will know which things will be more critical than others, and you will have to work with your supervisor and others to ensure you are on the right track.

An essential part of your schedule is to take your lunch and take your breaks as they come up. If you do not, you are only wearing yourself down. We all need to stand up and walk away from our work every now and again, so our body can stretch and relax for a moment. Too much tension, either physical or mental, is no good for us and robs us of our ability to do our best. Eat a well-balanced lunch so that you have nourishment for the afternoon. Do not eat so much that you fall asleep.

Your work is essential to others. It is even more vital to you. Having work and getting it done is part of what makes you feel good. The brain releases endorphins. As this happens, you end up in a very positive frame of mind.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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