Be Out There

It is easy to get trapped into four walls and not go anywhere. The body gets to just chill out and relax.  On occasion, it is good to take some time to unwind and replenish the body. It is good to take time and read a book or watch a little television. 

We can run into trouble when we make the occasional time of relaxation a full-time project.  The body tends to lose tone when walking is replaced by the couch or comfortable chair.  Food temptation grows higher as the kitchen is much closer and always open.  The real problem though is the area behind the eyes.  The mind.

Our minds like to be ever active.  They learn new things, gather thoughts, and control the little voice in our head that is always active whether we want to hear about something or not.  When the mind does not get the stimulation it needs, it starts to make stimulation of its own. 

Sometimes the brain may think in conspiratorial terms of who is plotting against you, or doing you wrong.  The mind could be replaying old memories, making them match what you are led to believe, rather than what really did happen.  Sometimes, due to reduced input or total lack of data, we can imagine something that is totally outside the realm of reality. Yet, there is an excellent cure for this.

We need to get out and be around people.  Gathering with friends and others to exchange thoughts and ideas is healthy and a superb opportunity to learn and grow.  It can give both physical and mental stimulation the mind and body needs.  We learn new things and flourish because of our new knowledge.  We were never designed to live our lives only within four walls to start with.  We were always meant to go places.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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