The Eve of All Possibilities

‘Tis the season of joy and care, of family and friends, and of some of the most beautiful possibilities those on earth have ever known. For tomorrow we celebrate a presence given to us for a short 30-some years. A gift that happened over 2,000 years ago.

Like all presents, this presence is what you make of it. Positives and negatives are always in the world. And, the importance of each depends upon what is done about it.

This year we see nations who have furloughed their workers due to lack of funding. We have catastrophes caused by weather in many parts of the world. We find families torn apart over man-made borders. In many areas of the world where the embattled masses hide from those who forget we are all one people, on one planet.

We look at the horrors and shake our heads. We wonder why, and what the future holds. It is hard for us to find anything positive in any possibility. And yet, we must remember the present of a presence over 2,000 years ago. For that presence, placed into an area of our planet, much like we can find in parts of the world today, in poverty, and in an embattled nation, where others had marched in and set up their own man-made borders. With a ragtag group fighting back because everyone had forgotten that we are one people, on one planet.

We have more people, today, living in the most enormous wealth and technology the world has ever known. At the same time, we have more people in desolate poverty and starvation than any other time on this planet. And, wars and battles rage on, in far too much of our planet. And yet we are only one people, with one planet.

There are those who downplay or do not believe of the present of a presence 2,000 years ago. And yet they forget when they do not believe of the one truth of one people on one planet. They forget, or they choose convenience. Because nothing worth anything is easy, or free.

Two thousand years ago we were given a present of a presence, who was sent here by one Heavenly Host to remind us of one important thing.

We are all one. One people, on one planet. Placed here and going back to the same heaven, for the God of our fathers is still the same God. And with this knowledge, anything is within our possibilities.

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