A Thousand Reasons Why

Tell someone something or ask their advice, and you will probably find yourself knee-deep in thoughts, concerns, and cautionary tales.  Tell them that you are going to do something and the reasons why you should not do it or do it your way come gushing forth.  Everyone has an opinion.

We have all seen the joke books on the store shelves, ‘One Hundred and One Ways to Cook Venison,’ or ‘500 tips for makeup’ or ‘1,000 ways to save money’ or any of the other books of this nature written each year. Sometimes it feels that advice on why you should not do something is more prevalent then why you should. And that is okay because there can be 1000 reasons you cannot do something, you only need one good reason why you should.

Actually, everyone else giving you reasons why you should not only boil down to the fact that they should not. Their thoughts really have little to do with you or the why’s for you wanting to do something. Listen to them, yet judge for yourself whether or not their concerns make any sense. And keep the thoughts of others in mind when planning, because it’s always good to have some what-if scenarios in your back pocket, just in case.

You always want to check out what you’re planning to do, to know that it’s safe, feasible, and the outcomes you are expecting are what you really want. To do this, there is a lot of research, some long nights sometimes, and plenty of that midnight oil that causes the candle to burn both ends. Even though you know that as you go through this, some things will change along the way, you don’t know exactly what. The fact that you have done your research and that knowledge which you have gained will help you to make the right changes as they are needed.

You can never let anyone steal your objectives in life by making you afraid to attempt them. It is your life. There are no guarantees and very few safety nets. Many have won, and many have failed in their quests, and yet, they are all the better, winning or losing because they went out and tried.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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