Do Not Stop

Never give up on your desires and what you want to do. We’re talking about the core of you.

You may have to pivot to go around a boulder, and you may have to realign goals to make the best use of resources. It often happens when you explore out in the woods. Many of us are entrepreneurs, and as such, we search the landscape of needs and sales to others.

We may need to polish or change our approach, product, or our marketing. Each of these changes helps our product to grow. We do not give up on our product if it is something that can help others succeed. And we do not give up on ourselves or the people who back us.

How will you position your products to do the best they can for others?

Do Not Quit

We all learn new things.  We go through life transitions.  We change our views and our ways. We adopt new principles and let go of old ones.  What we can not and should never do is quit.  Change direction or do different work or grow a new attitude is excellent.  Stopping all that you do and giving up is nothing more than a death sentence.  The more you are out there doing something, the more stamina and grit can work in your favor.

In working either for ourselves or with others, we can find our self-worth.  We need to feel we are worth something.  We can find dignity in what we do, and in the passion. We know we are doing something that is helping others.  In this, we find our self-respect and our self-worth.

Without our belief in ourselves and without the interactions of others, we start a downward spiral that can end on the slippery slope of catastrophe.  It is not that we are supposed to pass on, merely that we have lost the passion for life.  We need the interaction of others and their appreciation as much as we need food and water.

Even if you find yourself in a position without work or status or need, you can still not only survive, you can thrive.  Be kind and say something positive to those you meet.  It may be the only caring thing that a person may hear all day.  And you may be the only person who can tell them.

Never give up on yourself.  And never give up on doing good for others. It is what we are here for, and it is what helps us to survive.

Thanks for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon.

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