Where The Week Went

I seem to have lost control of another week. And the big question is, where did the week go. I am not sure if I’m asking it because I did so much work throughout the week that it just slipped by me unnoticed, or if I spent the week hardly doing anything and it snuck right by me.

I feel I need to do more. I want to be more productive, help good projects succeed before they are passed by, and be more active in the now. How do I do that? I need to leave the past to the past, and the future to the future. I need to live and work where I am, both geographically and within the timeline.

I do this because no matter what I do I cannot change the past. And in that same moment, I do not know what the future will demand. Therefore, I need to own what I am presently doing in the here and now. To do anything else would be to waste time and resources.

So how do I make the best out of my here and now? By being active. It is no coincidence that those who do well in their pursuits start each morning by making their bed. Doing so shows their intent and desire for an active day. In the evening, it is no mistake that they prepare for sleep, and even use meditation to set aside or get set for the concerns of the day. These people take care of themselves, and they take care of their surroundings.

Personal time, making your bed, meditation, these sound like little things, and some may feel that sounds a little bit selfish. Yet, it defines a significant question, “How can I help others if I can’t take care of myself?” It is a fair question and one in which we each have to seek and find our own answers.

You’ve heard me talk before about schedules. You’ve probably read about schedules being hard to create and work with because growing up no one wanted to run on your schedule, everyone wanted you to work to their schedule. If you’re going to be effective, develop and be active in using your own schedule.

Your schedule is the actual roadmap which will lead you to success. You will not have to worry where the day, the week, or the month went when you are following your roadmap to success. The exciting thing about following your schedule is that you will soon realize you have more time than you ever thought. All you have to do is work at it.

If you would like to have some tips on how to develop and utilize your own schedule, please tell me where to send them.  I can send you some ideas and templates to help.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.

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