Greed or Fear

I am tired of living in fear of losing a job that does not help me as a person.  I am also not as greedy as others may think.  I measure my wealth in the service I can do for others and the joy I can share.  My goal is to help where and whom I can, stay clear of those who would entrap me to feed their greedy goals, and do my best to live rather than fear.

I do not believe this makes me a pioneer, or a pirate, a mutineer, or just not one who follows money first, a renegade, or just resigned.  I know that in no fear, there is freedom.  Moreover, in not chasing the currency, a public feast of looking at the world through a different set of needs and values appears.

Do I suggest everyone stop work and let the economy come to a halt? Absolutely Not!  I propose that we take the time to look at the person we see in the mirror.  Look closely and see if that person is someone you would like to be.  If not, maybe consider what would help make the person in the mirror equal to your expectations of them.

When you make plans, plan how you can meet your obligations for yourself, your family, friends, and culture while staying true to you.  Being true to yourself is not greedy.  It is planning to reach your full potential.  Greediness would deny your best work to the rest of the world.