True Worth

I know that some companies and some individuals look at people as only what they can produce and add to the bottom line.  I know that people are worth so much more than a set of arbitrary numbers on an electronic spreadsheet.  People are the owners and caretakers of our society and our world. We must respect each person based on their overall contribution and not on how fat they can make our bonus check.

We should make an effort to understand those around us.  We need to know not only what each person has to offer, but we should also know what that offering does to those they touch.  Does society benefit because of what they do or have done?

The first person you might want to evaluate is the person in the mirror.  I am not saying that everyone should be measured by the standards you hold yourself to.  I am only saying that if you are going to measure anyone, you should make sure where you stand on your scale.  Fix any shortcomings in yourself before setting off to offer changes to others.

We each play a part in making the world a better place.  From the surgeon who replaces joints to the person who can calm a tot by giving them a high five or playing peek-a-boo, everyone has a talent to share. Having people to help others, whether paid or not, is what our world is built on. 

What are your unique talents? How often do you share the abilities you have been blessed with to those who might need them? Remember all those other people with their exceptional skills?  When was the last time you thanked them for making life better?

Just a thought.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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