Brain Block

I had a terrible time yesterday trying to get things done. It seems that sometimes the more I work at something, the less productive I am. Yet I notice another time when I feel squeezed for time; ideas tend to just flow with ease and no problems whatsoever.

What this type of problem causes me is a need for last-minute rushes. When I had initially had time set out to do the job efficiently, not worrying about deadlines.  I’d much rather leave the stress and anxiety of at the last minute work behind and execute plans under better control. Unfortunately, to say that I’m getting 50% of this would be generous.

I’m not really sure why my mind likes to play these tricks on me. I seem to get the majority of everything done by the due date. I just miss the date that I wanted to have it prepared by.

I know that imagination is actually the mind at play; Albert Einstein taught us that. I just think that sometimes when my mind plays these tricks on me, there is a somewhat malevolent action behind it. I keep asking myself what I may have done to my mind to cause it to work like this on me?

Have you ever worked to get something accomplished and ended up with a brain block?

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