In life, we are either growing toward something we want to be or finding ourselves falling away from something we were. We rarely find ourselves at a point of equilibrium where we are neither going up nor down. I wish I could tell you why. I can only tell you this the way it seems to be.

I have a suspicion the way it looks is because of the movement of everyone else around us. People are climbing on their paths and lives, people falling away from where they were, and those lucky few who have found their moment of equilibrium. Even when we’re not in motion, everyone else’s movement around us makes it look as though we are.

We have to remember one essential truth in this world of constant ups and downs, changing directions, and desires to be somewhere or someone else. The only person we have to impress is ourselves.

I know our mind finds itself consumed by what everyone else thinks of us. Yet, they should not be the focus. It goes back to yesterday’s thought on the person in the mirror. You are the one with whom you have to live. You are the one with whom you need to be comfortable.

What have you done to impress yourself today?