Go Forth and Do Good

Go Forth and Do Good

For many days now, we’ve been talking about emotion, caring, and passion. It is essential to understand where the feelings and emotions come from, and yet there is no forward motion without action. For better or for worse, no one can ever possibly take your steps for you. Those actions only happen when you make them so.

If you have noticed, no one has said it is going to be easy. And it rarely is. Yet, if you work hard to do good, you will know both the ecstasy and the agony of those who try, and those who do. And within that, you will find your own peace.

There are a couple things you can do, which will help you greatly. First, understand the idea that your passion leads you to and do all of your research on it. Too many plans go asunder because of minor details that could’ve been easily avoided with just a little research.

The second thing, which is a little harder to avoid, yet absolutely necessary to succeed is to ignore the naysayers. Everybody without a stake in the game will have an opinion. Unfortunately, most of those others with a view will have a negative one and a litany of reasons why you could not accomplish whatever it is you’re trying to do. And sadly, some people will listen to the naysayers and give up a perfectly viable project.

The best way to overcome the negatives is to do your research and put your plan in writing. Be aware that the plan will change. All plans do. Even the most sophisticated plans of the military usually are no longer sound at the moment they meet the enemy. Having a plan in writing, though, gives you a better ability to look at it and see what might happen, and plan contingencies accordingly.

Remember, not all plans will succeed. Although you should take a look at all the items being sold on the market these days. Some will succeed in the future, and some may fail. And some will go on for 100 years or more. The mere fact of everything that is being marketed and making a profit has to tell you it’s at least possible. Whether you are a large corporation, a mom and pop shop, or a social entrepreneur, the possibilities are there. And, win, lose or draw, the fact that you worked hard to do good can give you peace in your heart and the knowledge that at least you set forth and gave it a try.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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