How do you like to use your creativity? Some people like to bake or quilt or crochet. Some people want to paint or design or build. I could go on all day listing all of the ways that people enjoy being creative.  I really think that there are as many ways to be creative as there are people in the world.

One of my most enjoyable ways to use my imagination is to find different uses for everyday items.  This goes beyond having a lifesavers tin hold my paintbrushes or using a shot glasses as pretzel stick holders for individuals.  I use Halloween witch’s brooms to string mobiles with the planes I build from kits.  I use multitasking tools in the kitchen.  I am always playing with multitasking and finding new ways to use everyday items.

My question is what do you like to do for creativity? Creativity is terrific because it gives us an outlet to use our imagination. It keeps our mind active and sometimes helps us find solutions to problems. When a better way to light your house is needed, someone finds a way to use LEDs. When you want to see what’s going on in other places, the television is invented. And when the President of the United States says that we are going to the moon in a decade, a lot of imagination and creativity come together and make it happen.

None of this happens without people coming together to ask why, and also asking why not. Part of creativity, along with ignoring the naysayers, is the sharing with fellow Creatives and engaging in the give-and-take which helps to make things better. And, although each person works with creativity differently, some things planned out and some things spur of the moment, if you can, it is always good to journal what you are doing. If you come up with something that works great, you want to remember how you did it.

One thing I want to say about creativity is the same truth we find in everything we do. Anything we do in life rarely starts off with pure perfection. We need to work at what we want to be good at. We have to understand that there will be trial and error and rework. And this will repeat and continue as you learn and grow and learn new skills. The critical thing to know is that if you believe in something and work at it, your skills will grow, and you will be able to hone your expertise in that subject. Until then, keep striving.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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