Working Together

Welcome to a brand-new week. Have you taken a moment yet to lay out your plans for the week? Having a system that allows you to lay out your ideas and keep track of what you need to do when is always a valuable tool.

I often have a problem with the systems I use. They work well for managing my standard regimen. I wake up at a specific time every morning, catch the news at a time, and write my blog at a particular time. Things like this happen at the same time daily every week. Because these items are time driven, I know what to expect, and I just do it.

When I sign up for a specific course online, or a meeting that is outside the usual parameters, or something unique and out of the norm, I have problems. I have a tendency to miss or be late for those activities.

I understand where the problem lies, it lies with me. I feel like the old saying, ‘I have met the enemy, and he is me.’ A scheduler, planner, calendar, or a written down reminder is nothing more than an inanimate object. It is there to be acted on by a sentient being who actually owns the process of working with various tools to better his or her own productivity. I can no more blame my scheduling system or planner for missing an appointment than I can complain to the computer for doing what I told it to do.

The truth is you have to interact with anything or anyone with whom you expect to have a positive working relationship. It could be that something or someone you interact with doesn’t do what you need, or there could be something better for you to use, however, you can’t know that until you actually work with the system or person to their full potential. To work with something or someone to full potential, you have to spend time understanding, knowing how they work and attempting to grow together.

This week I’m looking at things that are supposed to make my life better and try to figure out why they work well or have problems. This would be a pretty dull week for most people unless they also were given a chance to participate. So, I am asking you to join with me on this quest and send in your stories about what works well for you, what you know you can count on, and things or systems that just let you down.

You can comment through word press, or whichever platform that you read our blogs on or you can email me at  I will place all comments into the blogs and be sure to cite and thank the people who sent them in. I also will not be trying to sell you anything or pester you with unwanted mail.  All my sales for books are made through Amazon, and all my courses are sold and taken through Thinkific. I am not making any direct sales through email. 

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.