How do you like to learn

There are times that I really like to sit and read. If I am more hurried, I will either dictate what I am writing or grab information off YouTube faster. I can’t do it for everything because not everything is found in fast-to-find places.

I mention this because I am starting to write a series of courses that will begin to come out in a month or two. It doesn’t matter how I would write them for me, I’ve already researched and found the information. I am writing them for you.

Today I am deviating from my one question at the end of my blog to three questions. I am very interested in your responses because you are the people for whom I am building the courses.

Do you prefer to read one or two-page fact sheets or watch a video? Do you like to have an interactive training session where you make choices and then move forward based on the option you have made? If there is a course with both reading and video watching, what percentage of each would you prefer?

Thank you for your time in considering this, and please let me know.

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