I have come to understand a simple phrase. It is a phrase that holds a wealth of information in communicating with people. It boils down to a straightforward request. Please don’t tell me what you know; please help me find what I should do now.

When people tell me that they are trained in NLP, CBT, neurolinguistics, and other regiments, it doesn’t impress me much. Mainly because I’m the one with the problem. I need to know how to get my problems solved.

Telling me what you know and could do for me does not help me at this particular moment. My problems are with me now, and I need help now. I have strayed too far from the path I wanted to walk and found myself in the high grass, lost.

The questions are easy. Which way do I go, and what do I do now? If you can help me figure this out, I need to talk to you. If you can’t, I need to speak to somebody else. Acronyms and degrees mean very little to me at this moment.

Who am I? I am every potential client who walks through the door.

Have you ever needed help?