All Hallows Eve

This week we have discussed the emotions of fear. Tonight is All Hallows Eve. How All Hallows Eve is celebrated and when varies from country to country.  Some countries celebrate the day of the dead on the 1st of November. Some countries celebrate Halloween the evening before. Where I live we celebrate in the evening, and we call it Halloween.

Halloween is a time we take to change fear into fun.  Our children dress up in various costumes, everything from action heroes to scary costumes, to funny costumes, and go to neighbors’ houses to get candy in what is called trick or treat. Adults also dress in a variety of ensembles.

One of the biggest thrills around Halloween is going to a staged haunted house. This is where actors and scenery scare you even though you know it will be okay. The participants go through the haunted house being scared and then laugh as they come out because they made it through. This is where fear turns into fun, and again endorphins are released into the brain.

These are the traditions we have. Is it a little scary? Not really, but we do like to let our imaginations go wild every once in a while, and this seems a good night to do so. Is it fun? Absolutely. The kids love it because of all the free candy they get. Does it help to add cohesiveness to our communities? You bet. On Halloween, we see more of our neighbors and their kids then I think we do any other time in the year.

Even when it’s cold out, snow or not, people enjoy having the fun this particular holiday brings us. Halloween allows us to dress up and play. It is fun for the kids and even better for the adults. If you’ve never tried at some point dressing up as something else and having fun with your friends, this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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