Building A Better You

When you build something, whether it is a course, a book, or a couch, you are making something for another person. Aren’t you? And when you sell it to whoever is going to buy it, aren’t you dealing with a person? It may sound strange, yet this is something important we need to remember.

These days when we rarely meet people face to face in an everyday setting, it is easy to forget the customers are real people. Sometimes, as sales increase and numbers grow, everything looks like a spreadsheet. We need to remember that a person is striving to do something behind every number, striving to be better.

We often get embarrassed or shy around others, and to overcome that, sometimes we pay more attention to the representations than we do to the natural person. We need to pay attention. It is important to remember that whoever uses the thing you made is more like you than any object ever made. Both of you have dreams, hopes, and desires. You both are working to become something better in life.

If you think of that client as a person just like you, they will get more out of whatever you make for them, and so will you.

What have you made lately? Has it helped anyone? How has what you made for someone else help you?