Faith is not sitting around, hoping. Faith is getting out and getting things done. And, as you get those things done, you know that if something holds you back or blocks your way, a way through will be open to you so that you can continue your work.

Faith means ‘walking the walk’ in true belief. It also means that you may not have a superhighway taking you to where you want to go. Yet, a path to your destination will be available. Just keep going where you think you belong or need to be.

Faith is not always immediate. It is also not always shaped by the way you think it might be. The tenets of faith are discernible to those who believe. To keep your faith, believe in, and do not be deceived.

When we cannot find our way forward, and storms rage around us, keep your faith well-maintained and ready to place into action. You might not see it, yet you might be surprised to find yourself surrounded by angels and people of goodwill.  All of these sent to aid you with your needs.  And present to help you keep your feet on the path and your eyes on the prize.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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