Targets of Rare Opportunity

We are all busy. We all have our plans to accomplish, our daily routines to follow, and our hopes and dreams to chase. And yet, you will find that occasionally something comes along which is so very poignant, we find ourselves having to stop and treat the situation differently. I call this a target of a rare opportunity.

Targets of rare opportunity lay outside the realm of everyday life. And yet we will all find them, sometimes without even searching for them. The opportunity is to do something different or meaningful for ourselves and for someone else. Targets of opportunity often grant a change for the better for those they affect and those that are affected by the changes that will come.

A target of opportunity is a chance to do something good. To change something for someone else in a positive way. It is usually a way that you have never thought of, for someone or something that you have never noticed. It is also something that has the potential to profoundly change your life for the better.

Before you dismiss this idea as romantic poetry and pie-in-the-sky mentality, think back. Did somebody ever grab your hand just before you stepped in front of a speeding car? Has someone ever shown up exactly when you needed them? Did you ever get an award or reward that you never expected? Has anything else happened to you unexpectedly out of the blue, positively changing your life for the better?

The truth is these moments in realizing a target of opportunity cannot be planned and are very hard to seek after. Targets of opportunity are very serendipitous in nature. When you recognize one, you want to pay attention and take action. Moments like this do not come often, and have a tendency to fade fast if not acted on. It is usually a disturbing thought to realize you had an opportunity and missed it. After all, real targets of opportunity are not that common.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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