I am a large proponent of pluralism.  Diversity and understanding are at the heart of peace and prosperity.  Pluralism is a path of inclusion.  I seem to remember that Jesus came to save one religion and opened salvation to everyone.  That teaches me how vital Pluralism is.

Pluralism is a path of inclusion which allows us to share what we know and also learn from the knowledge of others.  It brings to life that together, nothing is impossible if we can act together for a positive outcome.  And we have seen this, from saving people lost in caves, mobile hospitals crossing borders around the world, and many other humanitarian missions.

As much as diversity is an act of inclusion, monotheism is a method of exclusion.  It only allows the thoughts and beliefs of those who believe what the people in charge do.  Unfortunately, organizations on earth are run by humans. 

Humans have frailties, and those frailties lead to hubris and distrust.  It reminds me of the old joke, one guy says to the other, “Everybody is nuts except for you and me, and I am starting to worry about you.” Who wants to be part of something where no one can have any real trust in anyone or anything?  Well, people from a pluralistic society would welcome anyone even those who are monotheists; and share peace and knowledge with them.

Everyone has a purpose in life. And part of that purpose is sharing. There are skills, abilities, and knowledge with others. The worst thing that could happen is to leave this earth without sharing and adding your talents and skills and expertise to the human experience. No matter how complex or how simple your contribution may be, it adds to the knowledge base and may help the next person to propel mankind to higher levels.

Ask everyone to consider this. Don’t take this as an absolute just because I say it. Try it out, test the waters and see if this is true or not. You will be able to feel whether or not it works correctly for you, and if it does, try a little more.

Most beliefs in the world look towards a pluralistic diversity. They look towards truth, and kindness, and peace. Anything dealing with humans can be pushed to one extreme or another. We need to stay balanced and focused not on the sins of the past. Instead, we need to look to the hope of the future.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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