Time to Organize Our Fall

The vacation Summer is over, Labor Day is all but gone, and it is time to make and keep plans to accomplish the work for Fall. Before you get worried that I’m about to berate you with how we need to work harder, I am not. I should begin by telling you that I’m advocating you work less and enjoy more of the fruits of your labor.

Instead of starting 100 tasks one at a time, getting so far and then tiring or growing bored, plan ahead. The hardest part of anything is starting. It takes far more energy to put something into motion than it does to keep it going. The trick is to keep the movement steady. And the only way you can do that is to have a plan for what’s next.

So, set up a plan for what you want to do, and when the best time would be to do it. If you’re watering the lawn is usually early morning or in the early evening, or maybe both. There is a time for laundry, time to clean the kitchen, and a time to vacuum the house. Don’t forget there’s also a time to read a book, write a friend, watch a TV show, or playing a game.

When you set up your schedule, figure out what you want to do and when. You may have to adjust times, and on occasion, you might even have to change which chores are done when. And make sure you include everything. When you start the day, keep moving with the schedule in mind. Does it have to be exact to the minute? No. Should it be steady? Yes. This is because even if you sit down to read a book or watch a TV show, it is still part of your forward movement in time.

As long as you are on the same plane of movement, the forward motion does not have to be restarted, it just continues to flow. You are running your schedule, which you have already invested the energy of getting started into, and therefore, each additional task you do does not take any extra energy to start. It is just a continuation of the plan for the day.

Please consider this, and like everything, don’t take my word for it. Try it out in small doses and see if it might work for you.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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