In a Hurry? Why?

In a Hurry? Why?

Ever find yourself in a corner where you have to get a report done? You have three months to do it. You need to gather facts and figures, some details, and possibly some forms. And you have three months to do all that. When do you seriously start to do the work?

Excuse me, I don’t think I heard your response correctly. Did I hear the week the report is due? Wait a minute, I think I was the one that said that. At least I hope that was my old self. I have to remind everybody about my New Year’s resolution for this year.  It is to build a better me.

If I have three months to write an excellent report, do the proper research, and verify everything that has been gathered, why am I waiting until the last minute to accomplish something? Imagine the stress and the strains that are placed upon someone having to do a mandatory task at the very last minute. Maybe it is something I learned cramming for finals in college. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m human. And it could be that new videogame.

The one thing I have come to realize is it’s easier to give yourself milestones. Hold each milestone as a hard date to get that part or task done. Give yourself a small reward for completion. And give yourself a short timeout from something if you do not complete the work on time. Sound like something you would do to your kids? If it’s good enough for your Pride and Joys, the same stakes should be good enough for you. After all, the real difference between kids and adults is the adults have better toys.

Milestones are significant because when you complete a milestone, the brain releases endorphins, and you feel better. When you do not put your body through late-night work sessions and the stress of a looming deadline, your body feels better.

Remember any work you do is not an obstacle course to see how long you can wait and how fast you can do it. Any work you do should be your best. It should show others the great work you do and the thoughtfulness that you can put into something.

You know the great things that you can do. Possibly now is the time to go forth and show the world how fantastic you really are. Don’t do it in a rush, plan and fulfill your destiny at your steady pace.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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