Your Future Your Way, However…

As you plan your path to becoming your future self, you are excited as you plan your most desired profession.  You are working to gain your deepest desires and become that which you want to be, and you are looking to do it your way.  However, there are some rules of the road that you need to know about and follow.

You need to be mindful of others along the way.  Working with them and mutually attaining your goals will make you life long friends, mentors, and partners. Unfortunately, working against them could make you some life long enemies.  There is an old saying about being kind to those you meet on the way up, you might see them again on the way back down. You need to play nice with others.

As we talked about yesterday, you want to take care of those around you. Even if you are not going to the same destination, you are going in the same direction. Quite often when somebody has good things happen, it spills over to those around, and in doing so, positive synergy is found, which helps propel everyone forward. Sometimes when one or two people run into problems those negatives can also permeate the entire workplace and holds everyone back.

Help whenever you are able.  Strive to lift those around you.  Just be sure that you keep your journey as an essential mission and not spend so much time on the worries of others that you forget your own needs.  Sometimes it is easy to lose ourselves in the problems of others or get caught in the whirlpool of never-ending woes that only others can fix for themselves.

As you follow your map into the future, remember your plans. And even though plans can change, the idea is to get where you are going.  The benefit, if you are lucky, is knowing that you left the world a little bit better then you found it.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

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