Time is a relative component which we used to guide our way through life. And age is volatile relativity. You have a mental age, a physical age, and actual age. And, if you’re my age, there was definitely the age of Aquarius.

Everybody wants to claim to be younger than they really are. The youth pretenders are doing it wrong. I look in the mirror, thinking, I don’t look old for 85 do I. If I say that in public, people remind me I’m only 64.

Age is only one relative measurement of the time you have been visiting this world. It is like stepping into a kitchen when you think you’re headed for the restroom. At first, you’re really not sure how you got here and then, if nobody’s hollering at you or giving you grief, maybe you just want to stay there, just for a little while.

The real age of the body depends on what you do with it. Some people want to keep it as pristine as long as they can, and in doing so, Use their body as little as possible. Others, use the body for all it’s worth. Those are the ones who get the most out of both the body and life.

The fantastic thing about the relativity of existence is that you don’t have to lament not having done something in the past. You never have to worry about having lost all chances. In a relative timeline, you can do what you really want to do at any time. You just need to want to do that thing enough to overcome whatever hurdles may stand in your way.

And, if someone tells you to act your age, just remind them that age is a relative measurement.

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